Have you ever experienced camping out on the side of a mountain totally isolated from noise & light pollution? Have you ever looked out of your tent in the morning upon a beautiful vista? Well here's your chance!

There is a well known adage that declares, "Anybody can rough it!" 
This is true, but we believe that it is having more skills not equipment that improves your camping experience!

This is a true adventure in the mountains that we have put together that will teach you a lot about the skills of camping whilst having a real wild camping experience.

No experience or specialist gear necessary
We will supply all the equipment you need to camp out in the mountains overnight , you just have to bring your personal things a sleeping bag and a sense of adventure!

Campcraft is an indispensable skill that encourages campers to enjoy the experience whilst:
* Limiting the impact on the environment
* Being considerate to other campers
* Encouraging safe practice
* Learning lightweight camping skills
* Teaching longevity of resources

We can tailor your training to enhance your camping knowledge whether you are wanting to become a better back packer or want to learn other useful skills such as:
* Correct use of tents & pitching
* Tent & self management
* Use of multi fuel stoves & safety
* Cooking & Menu planning
* Camp etiquette
* Site management & Hygiene
* Group camp logistic
* Lightweight camping
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