Go wild children party
Looking for something different for that adventurous child of yours on their birthday?

They can make a shelter, light a fire, cook a sausage, shoot bows & arrows, play team games, camouflage themselves, zoom on a zipwire....So much to choose from and fit in!

We can provide a couple of hours of outdoor fun and adventure that gain you the respect of other parents and make them grateful for not having to endure another afternoon in a ball filled maze with too many children on a food additive frenzy!

Our wild parties take place in our bushcraft area and we encourage the children to enjoy being outside and adventurous. Whilst having fun they will learn how to respect fire, knives (age dependant), the environment and each other.

A typical party may start with a chat around the fire setting the safety rules and discussing what we will be doing. We could get started by blending in with our environment by 'camming up' with face paint then build a shelter before lighting a fire just using a flint to cook some sausages & marshmallows.

A party wouldn't be a party without games so you may choose to play a few fun team games or have an archery tournament, but usually they all like to end with a few goes on the zipwire & a game of Dam Busters!.

Food provided is wholesome camp beans & sausages cooked on the fire served in fresh rolls. We also provide a cool or warm drink depending on weather conditions. If you want to make more of a traditional party of the occassion, you are welcome to bring other food and don't forget the cake!
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