Climbing in the UK is enjoying an increase in popularity, particularly indoor climbing. We are able to offer you the chance to try climbing and abseiling indoors or out on the crag so you can soon find out why.

Our experienced instructors with their extensive knowledge will guide you through an exhilarating day of bouldering, climbing and abseiling whilst offering a great blend of learning and satisfaction.

Once safely fitted with your harness and helmet you will be able to start off on an easy route to gain confidence, climbing very short distances as we encourage you to look carefully for handholds and foot placements. You will be taught the basics of tying-on, belaying and the climbing calls needed to communicate with your climbing partner.

Are you up for an abseil!

You can't beat the thrill of descending a sheer face or gently slope. As you descend you can marvel at the stunning views about you or stop to wave at your friends for a photo or two. It is a sure way to give your confidence a huge boost and enjoy the Outdoors@hay!

Is it for you?

It is our duty to encourage the best out of you and you will see your self-belief increase with the patient encouragement of your instructor, it will not be long before you find yourself experiencing the real exhilaration of climbing & abseiling.

Why not book accommodation with us to make your adventure complete?

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