We have undertaken this trip several times over the years just for our own pleasure. Occasionally, friends join us and just loved the experience so much we thought we should offer it as a activity package for all to enjoy with our support

What you will do on a typical trip?

We like you to arrive early enough on the first evening to give time to settle in on our site and sorting out what equipment you need whilst learning to put up a bivy, light a fire and other useful skills that time allows.Once you have mastered that you are welcome to cook on the fire or go to in to town for remainder of the evening.

The next day after having a night to get used to sleeping in your bivy you will rise to learn how to cook on the fire and get our equipment packed into barrels ready to set out for our overnight trip. Once ready we set off down the river relaxing and enjoying the environment and depending on the time of year, see what useful things we can find by the river

When we stop at the riverside for the night you will have to build your shelter, light your fire, prepare food and source drinking water to get you through the night. Don't worry we will be on hand to ensure you can get your fire lit, shelter constructed, don't go hungry or die of thirst!

After a restful nights sleep you will wake listening to the lapping of the water and the wildlife around you. We will rise to rekindle the fire and cook a tasty breakfast before striking camp and setting off on the final part of our trip.

When we reach the end of our trip you will feel like you have been away for days not just a night. You will then be brought back to civilisation to our site to clean yourselves, hand in equipment and a drink and snack before departing with great memories!

A Bushcraft trip on the River Wye is a great little adventure to enjoy with family and friends, go on you'll love it!

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