The River Wye is one of the finest natural rivers in Britain and has SSSI status that is teeming with wildlife and stunning views.

One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful river is by spending time paddling and relaxing as it winds its way through Hay on Wye from Wales into England


Often referred to as 'Canadian Canoes' or 'Open Boats' by canoeists the large open topped canoes are paddled usually by two people using single bladed paddles, canoes are stable and easy to control. Canoeing on the River Wye is a deservedly popular particularly short trip's around Hay on Wye. Open Canoeing is a particularly relaxing and social way to be on the water and can be as challenging as you wish.


Single closed cockpit canoes are referred to as 'Kayaks' and usually paddled individually with a double bladed paddle and challenges an individual to show patience in learning new skills as well as being very good for building self-confidence For the more enthusiastic paddler we can introduce you to the thrill of kayaking on white water or teach you to roll, which seems to be the ambition of all newcomers to kayaking.

There is more to the sport than meets the eye, but even the most novice paddler will come away having achieved something after a day on the water with us. Paddling along the River Wye is fantastic way to be outdoors@hay!

Is it for you?

The river is an ideal environment for groups of all abilities and our instructors will do everything to ensure you feel safe throughout the activity. For any non swimmers or particularly nervous types we can 'raft' two open canoes together which provide a very stable craft on the river.

Why not book accommodation with us to make your adventure complete?

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