Existing with nature using the bare essentials to survive in the outdoors and having a minimal effect on the environment, whilst being able to adapt, improvise and surmount difficult situations that arise is Bushcraft!

Living from the land and appreciating its values are a rare attribution in our modern society. Many people who learn Bushcraft skills find they are more self-assured and practical when they return to their customary civilization.

In any part of the world the essential requirements needed to survive in any environment are:
• Fire
• Food
• Shelter
• Water

You will learn to assess and prioritise which of these requirements have to be overcome to endure any environment you want to inhabit. Being able to source these requirements and manage in a hostile terrain are the basic skills needed before expanding on any one area of Bushcraft.

There are many skills and methods to explore in the art of Bushcraft: Different methods of cooking, Shelter building, River crossing, Practical equipment, Water sourcing

We can only fit in what time allows of the Bushcraft skills and we provide sessions from introductory and awareness up to 2 day in-depth programmes.

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