Archery is the relaxing activity for all wannabe Robin Hoods to see if they can impress their merry band of men and women. It is also a very skillful sport that has competitions world wide including the Olympics.

We do not promise to get you to Olympic standards too quickly but we can offer introductory sessions for the novices through to more in-depth coaching for the converted. Participants are amazed how much they have learnt and how addictive it is just after one session.

For first timers we recommend no more than a half day session first as it requires high levels of concentration and can be strenuous to some muscles you may of not have used before.

But if you have got the bug and want to learn more we can do whole days coaching or regular training sessions until you are serious enough to undertake a national award in Archery. The national governing body Archery GB have awards and competitions to aspire to that we can recommend.

When you are proficient with a bow and arrow and time permits you can try a different style of archery like field archery or clout, contact us to find out more!

Is archery for you?

Archery is suitable for all abilities and can become quite competitive amongst groups. Some people can feel the strain after an intense period of shooting, but we provide protection equipment to ease the tension.


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